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I Love Her SMS For Boyfriend To send His Girlfriend

I Love her sms for boyfriend to send to his girlfriend and for every boy who loves her girlfriend and want to express his love to her.below are sms for you.

I Love Her SMS For Boyfriend To send His Girlfriend
I Love Her SMS For Boyfriend To send His Girlfriend

I Love her sms for boyfriend who loves his girlfriend too much and want a medium to express his feelings and love to his girlfriend then the I love her sms are the best way to express your love and feelings to her.any time you send such love sms to girlfriend then there is always a connection ,any time someone reads a messages or sms than those words directly influence her subconscious mind and hence if you will send such beautiful love messages with best love shayari then for sure she means your girlfriend will be impressed by you and fall in love with you.so do not wait for any miracle to happen.just send below I love her sms and impress her.

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I Love Her SMS

Whn U hold me in Ur arms thn
my heart nver want 2 let me go boz Ur happiness is my happiness...
I love U so much my Love.. !

Whn my heart wants 2 know the meaning of 'love'
thn Ur love is making me 2 believe the truth of love...
Without U thr is no happiness in my life
'n with U my life is full of hopes
'n my dreM will come true...

2day, U made me 2 see everything in a new life
'n U want me 2 know how those happiness could make me happy...

"I wish I had the guts 2 walk away 'n 4get about wht we had, bt I can't boz I know U won't come after me & tht's wht hurts the most."

The love we shR will always be special.
So fragile tht I won't do anything tht will break it.
I deeply love U.

God is so good.
He gave me U.
Nd thr's 9thing I could ask 4 more.
I Love U baby!

U made me a better person
U made my life worth living.
Thnk U 4 making me worth of Ur love.
I Love U!

I pray all of the things we dreMed 2gether will come true. If it happens, I will be the happiest man in the world. Love U!

I will be the earth tht holds U. I will be the light 2 guide U. I will search the world 2 find U. I love U!

U R the most wonderful thing tht ever happen 2 me
Ur love just remind me how blessed I M in life
Nd I really wish tht this nver ends.
I love U, darling!

I thnk God 4 giving me the best woman
Who's beautiful, caring, devoted nd understnding.
I'll do my best 2 cR 4 nd love her, in return.

i will always love u,take cR u til my verie last breath.I willing 2 do anything just 2 make u hapi make ur day bright..!be ur disney no.2. No matter wat.

Love is the solve way 4 hve dizzy time in lfe nd hve the knwing life.I love 2 my love tht she went front of me,after she i M only,her nMe is marzia.

love is fun bt scary
love is pash1t bt hard
love is Mazing bt hurts
it can fix many things bt 9thing can fix it

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I Love Her SMS For Boyfriend To send His Girlfriend
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