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Affection Messages

Affection messages means messages that shows love for a person. that person may be your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever to whom you like. Such affection messages strengthens the relationship and makes your bond of love more stronger.
Affection Messages
Affection Messages

Affection means love and everybody should spread love. it is said that whatever you give to others you receive it back. so spread love and never hurt anyone. so you will have Ora of love and whoever comes to you will feel the joy of love. So start spreading love by this affection messages. You do not need any occasion to send this affection messages you can send it on any occasion like birthday, anniversary of your parents or friends, or say friendship day or even valentine days. These are not words but these are your emotions for that person. and you are sharing your feeling by this affection messages.


♥I hve heard tht life is the s2ry of which God is the author. I M thnkful 2 him for writing it so wonderfully nd bringing U 2 my life. Hope U’ll stay with me till he writes the last page.

♥If life is a journey nd memories R the stations we hve crossed thn I want U 2 know, Granny, the time tht I hve spent with U R the best memories of my life.

♥Come wht may my love nd affection for U will remain unchanged.

♥The greatest gift tht God has given me is the heart so full of love for U.

♥My sweet, my love,
U’re my turtle dove,
Come wht may,
I’ll love U everyday.

♥Ever since U were born,
I hve come 2 see the world in new light.
U R the angle I hve always wished for.
Thnk U, for being my darling daughter.

♥Flowers may wither in a day,
Sun may set in the sea,
Nver let the gloom 2uch Ur soul,
Nver s2p loving thee.

♥The God created man with the ability 2 take up the challenges. If U lose heart at the face of despair U R actually undermining God’s faith on U.

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Affection Messages
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