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Letting Go Messages

Letting Go Messages

Sometimes we love someone too much and can not afford to let her go. but we had to take such tough decisions in our life. So this messages are dedicated to such situations where we have to let people go but emotionally we also do not want them to go.

If you want some of the goodbye messages then here we have some of the best letting go messages that you can send to your dear ones and wish they come back soon in your life and you have a happy life. so enjoy this beautiful and loving letting go messages.

Letting Go SMS Quotes

I don’t know if we R saying final goodbye or 9t bt let’s hope tht it’s only a promise 2 meet again.
Let’s say goodbye my dear friend,
Until we meet again.
May be we will be far apart. May be we nver meet again. Bt U will always remain in my heart. U’ll always be precious.
Our lives R long bt the moments of 2getherness R short bt I want U 2 know tht Ur memories will stay locked in my heart 4ever.
U R special in my life
U R the source of light
Bt still I hve 2 let go of U
Its time 2 say goodbye!
Sometimes letting go is the improvement in life. It lets U look at the new opportunities. Makes it better.
No matter how much 1 try bt 1 can’t nver go back in time nd change wht has happened. So, it’s better 2 let go of things.
It’s 9t always holding on2 things make us strong. Sometimes letting go is the best thing 2 do.
Only whn U learn 2 put the past as it is U get the time 2 look at the future.
Once tht was dear 2 U suddenly start losing their glory. Thn it is the time 2 let go of thm.
Whn a door closes it means tht a9ther has opened somewhere.
Let go of the memories tht cause U pain. Only the good memories should stay in Ur mind.
May be I’ll cry tht it’s over bt I’ll also smile about the memories we hve shRd.
Let go of Ur old ideas nd welcome the new 1s. Tht is wht makes the life worth living.
Let go of Ur plans nd keep Urself open 4 the gifts of life. Life is worth living whn U prepR Urself 2 expect the unexpected.
It may 9t be the best thing 2 happen in life bt U can’t avoid letting go of things whn it’s due.

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Letting Go Messages
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