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Funny Love Messages

Funny Love Messages

life is boring without fun. and love is also boring without fun. so here we have combo. have fun in your relationship with this funny love messages.

it makes you happy and keeps your mood good. and fill your heart with love and romance. because your laugh keeps distance away. laughing brings happiness. so today we have tried to bring happiness in your love by this funny love messages. So check this awesome collection of funny love messages and sms.

Cute Love Funny Messages

If U R in love with two people at the sMe time. Choose the second person boz if U hve loved the 1st 1 who wouldn’t fallen 4 the 2nd 1 anyway.

If U want 1 2 do the dishes,
Nd, 2 mow the lawn,
U can search 4 the person,
Whn I M g1.

Falling in love is easy as long as U find some1 2 catch U.

True love is like a ghost. Whn every1 speaks about it bt n1 has found it yet.

Always aim 4 the moon. Even if U don’t get it U’ll fall Mongst starts.

The irony of marriage is women want men 2 change after marriage nd men hope tht women will 9t change. As a result, both R disappointed.

U’ll know tht U R in love whn U think tht U hve got the most beautiful woman nd U’ll know tht U’re out of it whn the sMe woman will become ugly.

Similarity between good wine nd love is tht both mature with age.

Falling in nd out of love is easy whn U R Ung. As U grow old, falling in becomes harder nd falling out gets hardest.

Wht is recession?
Whn ‘wine’ nd ‘women’ get replaced by ‘water’ nd ‘wife’ tht critical phase of life is called recession.

A man who can laugh at the face of a difficulty is the 1 who has found some1 2 blMe it on.

I don’t say tht I M always right bt thn I’m nver wrong.

Why do the wedding pho2s always hve the bride on the left side of the groom? Boz in a balance sheet liability is always menti1d in the left column nd assets R menti1d in the right.

Can I say tht I M working hard if I stR at the moni2r of my computer blankly all day long?

It’s better 2 say 9thing nd be called a fool thn opening Ur mouth 2 remove all doubts.

A Chinese proverb says tht talking once 2 a genius is like reading books of knowledge 4 a month. So, feel free 2 call me anytime.

Well, enough of me. Wht about U?

Make a day with a laugh. Send funny messages 2 friends 2 give thm the reward of laughter. Explore the funny side of Urs nd get creative. Make the world a better place 2 live with funny messages.

Funny Love SMS

Heres a little hug 4 U 2 make U smile whn Ure blue, 2 make U happy if Ure sad, 2 let U know life aint so bad!

Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong;
Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong;
Nobody’s lucky till luv comes along;
Nobody’s l1ly till somebody’s g1.

In my life I learned how 2 love 2 smile 2 be happy 2 be strong 2 work hard 2 be h1st 2 be faithful 2 4give bt I couldn't learn how.. 2 s2p remembering U.

The strong becMe weak.. the genius bcMe stupid.. The brave bcMe a coward.. it happens boz of 1 thing, they fall in love

If a smile could be a rain drop i would wish tht it keeps raining throughout Ur life so tht thr may be no place 4 tears in Ur life.

If u open my heart, guess wht u R gonna see? It's u. True loves R hard 2 find so i kept u.

Love is the gross exaggeration of the difference between 1 person & every1 else.

If u open my heart, guess wht U R gonna see? It's U. True loves R hard 2 find so I kept U.

Whn I first saw U, U caught my eye. U had a glowed in Ur eye tht no othr Guy had. I asked myself could U be the 1, the 1 make me smile nd feel good inside.

Love is like a 4est where brave tigers R killed by the beautiful eyes of deers.

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Funny Love Messages
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