One Sided Love SMS

One Sided Love SMS

One of the most confusing, bittersweet situations that one can find themselves  in is being stuck in a One sided love situation, where your crush or love does not reciprocate or even acknowledge your love.

If you are knee-deep in such blues too, the best way to vent your emotions is our One Sided Love SMS. Like those poets who pined away, under the spell of the cruel beauty  who refused to love them back, our messages can convey the excruciating pain of a one sided love with equal poetic perfection.

Let your beloved know, how much you feel for them and would want them in your lives, and how their presence in your lives would perhaps make you the happiest man/woman alive. You never know you might melt their hearts and make them recognize the depth of your feelings; every love story needs a beginning, let our messages be a start to yours.

  1. I know everything about her,
    except she loves me or not.
    She doesn’t know anything about me,
    except the thing that I love her

  2. Don't fall in love with somebody who doesn't love you back it's not cool.

  3. Before I Die, I Wish to donate My Blood to Her,
    So That Atleast My Blood
    Could Enter Her Heart
    Where I Couldn't.

  4. When Nights are long & Friends are few, I sit by my Window & think of you. A silent whisper a silent tear, with all my Heart I wish you were here.

  5. Not everything that counts is counted and not evrything that counted count. I didn't count how many times I thought of you, but what counts is that I did.

  6. I Don’t Know Why I’m so afraid to lose you When you are not even mine. I Don’t Know Why I love you so When you don’t even love me. I don’t know why you are the one when I am just a someone to you.

  7. Touchy Lines by a one side Lover: Force can make everything possible in th world, But it can't create.

  8. If I get your smile, I don’t need flowers.
    If I get your voice, I don’t need music.
    If you speak to me, I don’t listen any body else,
    If you are with me, I don’t need the world.

  9. Love is not winning someone, but loosing yourself to someone. When you are loved by someone, it’s not due to your excellence of mind but due to purity of your heart.

  10. Words of Lover Boy: My eyes know that I am not perfect match for him. But my heart has no eyes or ears, So it’s been beating for her.

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