Tuesday, 18 September 2012

One Sided Love SMS

One Sided Love SMS for boyfriend and girlfriend who are alone in love. They love someone but that person does not love you.

Sometimes it happens you love a person but two things happens. First is you can not express your love feelings to that person and second things is that person you love her but she does not love you. Than to impress her/him here we have the collection of one sided love sms and messages that you can send to her/him and can enjoy loving and cute relationship. If he/she does not reciprocate than you must send this emotional love sms and messages that are one sided.

Express your feelings to that person whom you love deeply. Bceause if you do not express how would she/he know. So it better to express your feelings through our one sided love sms and than see the result.

One Sided Love SMS
One Sided Love SMS 

One sided love sms

I know everything about her,
except she loves me or 9t.
She doesn’t know anything about me,
except the thing tht I love her

Don't fall in love with somebody who doesn't love U back it's 9t cool.

Be4e I Die, I Wish 2 donate My Blood 2 Her,
So Tht Atleast My Blood
Could Enter Her Heart
Where I Couldn't.

Whn Nights r long & Friends r few, I sit by my Window & think of U. A silent whisper a silent tear, with all my Heart I wish U were here.

9t everything tht counts is counted and 9t evrything tht counted count. I didn't count how many times I thought of U, bt wht counts is tht I did.

I Don’t Know Why I’m so afraid 2 lose U Whn U r 9t even mine. I Don’t Know Why I love U so Whn U don’t even love me. I don’t know why U r the 1 whn I M just a some1 2 U.

2uchy Lines by a 1 side Lover: 4ce can make everything possible in th world, Bt it can't create.

If I get Ur smile, I don’t need flowers.
If I get Ur voice, I don’t need music.
If U speak 2 me, I don’t listen any body else,
If U r with me, I don’t need the world.

Love is 9t winning some1, bt loosing Urself 2 some1. Whn U r loved by some1, it’s 9t due 2 Ur excellence of mind bt due 2 purity of Ur heart.

Words of Lover Boy: My eyes know tht I M 9t perfect match 4 him. Bt my heart has no eyes or ears, So it’s been beating 4 her.

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One Sided Love SMS
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How emotional shayari is here , Thanks so much for these lovely sms