Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Funny Love SMS & Message (For Her Smile)

Funny love sms for her or girlfriend. If you want to add some humour in your relationship than these are the best.

Funny Love SMS & Message (For Her Smile) 

I want to bring smile on my girlfriend's face but i do not know how to do it. Can somebody please tell me what are the best funny love sms that i can send to her on whstapp or social media just to make her smile.

Well if you are hunting for those feelings than you are at right place, These are the best funny love sms and funniest love messages that you must send to her and she will laugh out loud.

Funny love sms

70% girl sweet hoti hai
75% beautiful hoti hain
85% inteligent.
90% masoom hoti hai& 100% pyari hot hain
kul mila kar 70+75+85+90+100
sub ki sub 420 hoti hain..

The smallest word is I, The smallest word is I, the sweetest word is Love and the dearest person in the world is you. thats why I Love You :)

BF-I Love when u cry badly..
GF-Why is it so ?
BF-Bcoz dats d only moment u hug me
the most possible tightest way u can!!

believe in love ...!Love has great power !
It can " REMOVE " misunderstandings,Anxieties, worries Doubts,Fears ,Tears ,T shirts,Tops, Jeans etc etc etc ...:)

Boy: Do you wanna Go Out Wid Me??
Girl: No... Never
Boy: Did U hear wt I Just Said ??
Girl: Yeah
Boy: Then Tell me wt I Said
Girl: Do You wanna Go Out wid ME??
Boy: Yeah Ofcourse.

Boy : I Love You
Girl: Sorry , I Hv Boyfriend
Boy: Oh ! I M Lucky .
Girl Confused And Ask
Girl: Why ?
Boy: He Is Not Your Husband .

Diffrence between a boy's eye and a girl's eye:
A boy's eye sees only d luv in a girl's eye..
A girl's eyes always watches where d boy's eye sees...

Every girl has her best friend,
Boyfriend and true love.
But she's really lucky
If they're all the same person.

Girl's heart is like water,
Boy's heart is like mobile,
Water falls on mobile,
Mobile falls in water,
The damage is for mobile only.

Most promising lines U can tell ur SweetHeart-
Until INDIA wins d football world Cup, I'm gonna keep on LuVing U..

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Funny Love SMS & Message (For Her Smile)
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