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10 Love Symbols That liked by Girls and Impress them

10 Love symbols that girls like and boys try to use it to impress them.

10 Love Symbols That liked by Girls and Impress them
10 Love Symbols That liked by Girls and Impress them

Love is a mysterious strange feeling and no matter how people tried to unravel its nature all in vain. Love is personified by various symbols. A symbol of love is its embodiment in the material world. Every nation and even every couple in love have their own character. But still there are characters that can be called General symbols of love. They are understood by all, no matter what language you speak and in what part of the world you live.

Popular symbols of family, love and fidelity:

  1. cooing doves;
  2. pair of swans;
  3. heart;
  4. the God of love – Cupid;
  5. tangerine tree;
  6. red rose;
  7. engagement ring;
  8. precious stones, etc.

Plant symbols of love – flower and a tree

Since ancient times, flowers symbolize respect and sympathies of the people towards each other. You can't ignore these because they symbolize such feelings as love and romance. For many people, different types of flowers symbolize the same amazing feeling the love: for Chinese, it is the peony, for Hindus – white Jasmine during its full bloom, for the Iranians olives and apples. Red rose as a symbol of love has come to us from the Ancient world and still remains popular in many countries.
The tree, as a symbol of love is the epitome of strong family relationships, eternal love. No coincidence there are such customs as, for example, tying wedding ribbons to a young sapling. Or planting a sapling of any tree. According to legend, as the tree grows bigger and stronger, and growing and established family life. Form stable family traditions that will be passed from generation to generation. Especially popular among honeymooners enjoy the following types of trees:

  1. oak;
  2. Rowan;
  3. spruce;
  4. hawthorn;
  5. Kalina
  6. pine.

Symbol of love – swans

Pair of swans used as love symbols because of their features create steam. It is known that swans choose their spouses once in a lifetime. In the case of the death of one or the second one lives up to the end of his days, or dies too soon from boredom. In addition, it is a beautiful and graceful birds.

Pigeons, as a symbol of love

Doves as a symbol of love and passion because of their faithfulness. Young couples are often called doves. Their gentle cooing with the look "eye to eye" is associated with understanding and mutual support in a young family. Furthermore, doves are recognized throughout the world as a symbol of peace. Thus, it is believed that pigeons are the embodiment of rather carnal love and relationship.

Ancient symbols of love

Since ancient times, the heart is a symbol of all emotion. In the human, heart has paramount importance. While the heart beats, the person is alive, so as his love. The cardiovascular system is a closed circle, the symbol of infinity. Perhaps that is why the heart is the symbol of eternal love.

Engagement ring as a symbol of endless love

One of the most important and the true value of a wedding ring is a geometric shape of a circle, A great symbol of love. The ring is a seal, confirming the seriousness of both newlyweds. Exchanging rings, the couple reaffirm their vows to each other. The ring is a constant reminder of the ardor of youthful love.

Symbols and signs of love are perceived by us subconsciously. We rarely think about their origin, but simply take them for granted. And imagine how romantic would be a Declaration of love, composed by symbols. It can convey so much romance and depth of feeling without using words.

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10 Love Symbols That liked by Girls and Impress them
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