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Best Dating Ideas that woman love

Best dating ideas that woman love or say how to talk to unknown girl and impress her. Here are some best 30 ways to talk to her.

Best Dating Ideas that woman love
Best Dating Ideas that woman love

1. Let me give you a lift. Better to go in the car than wait in the cold for the bus. (A woman stands at the bus stop, past which you are traveling in the car's help our defenders.)

2. Catch! (You throw her a ball or shuttlecock on the beach or in the Park.)

3. Would you mind rubbing my back, so I don't burn in the sun? (You are on the beach or in the Park. It's a bold approach, but it can provide a quick contact.)

4. I have half an hour of watching, how you can sit for so long in front the sun. It seems that you do not want to use my sunblock. (This approach is close to the previous one and provides a similar result.)

5. You believe in love at first sight? (Cliche, but if you pronounce these words with a charming smile on her face, she will swallow them without wincing.)

6. Oh! You don't look, if I'm at the foot of the piece of glass? (Draw emotions of suffering. Being on the beach near girls, you pretend as if stepped on something. Later you will be able to say that it was an insect or a sharp stone.)

7. You bought this hat (coat, dress, bracelet) in the States or in France? (She'll feel flattered that you recognized the delicacy of its taste.)

8. Let me help you with Parking. (Girl trying to Park the car in an awkward place.)

9. Are you stalking me? (She entered the Elevator behind you, and you're walking up together.)

10. You have the most amazing smile I have ever seen.

11. You don't want to go to some more quiet place where you can drink and talk? (One of the most common and useful phrases, spoken in bars.)

12. You will not prompt to me, what kind of tie suited to the shirt and the jacket? (A great phrase for the store. Then you can ask a girl to help you in choosing a tie.)

13. Want to dance? (One of the most common and useful phrases, spoken in bars and Nightclubs.)

14. How's the water? (She just came out of the water, and you are standing on the beach.)

15. They behave just like people, right? (You stand near a beautiful girl in front of a cage with monkeys. Monkeys are pressed against each other.)

16. I bet I'm the first to swim to the buoy? (You're both swimming in the lake or ocean.)

17. I bet I'm the first to get to the kiosk with hot dogs? (You both ride bicycles in the Park.)

18. Which drive, Armstrong will advise you to buy a person who is starting to get acquainted with jazz? (She stands near the counter with jazz records. Turning for advice to the girl, you let her feel like a connoisseur.)

19. Want to see something amazing? (You're both browsing the albums in a bookstore.)

20. You can buy it much cheaper if you walk a little further down the street. (You both are at the market counter in a big city or in another country. Seductive brunette is trading with the seller.)

21. That such a lovely girl like you doing in this place? (At first it seems that you have said the old phrase. Then she realizes what you said actually. If your tone is warm and friendly and the answer will be the same.)

22. I spent the whole day studying and in need of rest! You probably also? (You both sit in the library and the girl knows that you are really working and not just trying to get to know her.)

23. Why do I always get in a queue that moves the slowest? (Queue in the Bank is really almost standing still. But you stood up to her, to be near pretty girls, which you can complain about your bad luck.)

24. This soup is just gorgeous. (You sit next to the girl in the cafe, and she clearly doesn't know what to order.)

25. You know what to order? (Option, opposite to the previous. The girl came in the café before you and already made the order.)

26. Sorry, you don't know, it seems to do anywhere near the apartment? (This sentence is suitable for the meeting on the street regardless of whether you are looking for an apartment or not.)

27. Hello, I noticed you, you look lovely. My name is ------. (These words can be pronounced in any place. Girls flattering straight-line approach.)

28. However, the sunset looks very romantic? (You walk down the street, ride the bus or just look out the window of the office.)

29. You could take a picture of me near the statue?

30. Forgive me, but, accidentally saw you, I could not pass up. Unlike aticama I have no time now even for a short conversation. But I really want to meet you. Can I get your phone number? ( In clinics, GEC, offices, etc.. the places of the top people in the queue, and among them is a spectacular girl. But in turn you do not stand and fly past).

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Best Dating Ideas that woman love
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