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Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend, How to surprise him and make healthy and loving relationship.

Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend
Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

A few surprises now and again can spice up the relationship that you share with your boyfriend. This article will give you some ideas on how you can rekindle the romance by giving him a delightful surprise.

Sometimes, relationships can become monotonous and may require an occasional jump start to revive the romance. Don't worry, you are not in troubleville. Just a little creativity and willingness is all that you need to make an effort to do interesting things to surprise your boyfriend. Being unpredictable can be one of the most fascinating qualities you can possess. It infuses your personality with mystery and adventure. Last time I checked, both of those qualities made a person irresistible. Keeping a bit of enigma in your relationship is one of the keys to keeping it fun and healthy in the long-term. It is not such a difficult after all but, more often than not, people become complacent in relationships and then complain about lacking passion between them and their partners. It often breeds insecurity, bickering and distress which can be absolutely disasterous. If you feel that your relationship has taken a dip for the worse, its time to renew the excitement you felt for each other in the beginning. Instead of trying to 'talk' to your boyfriend over the fear that he may have lost interest in you, SURPRISE HIM! This article will give you some idiot-proof ideas on how you can pleasantly surprise your boyfriend and make him gush like a little boy around you. He will worship you.

Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend

It's not really difficult to surprise your boyfriend, provided you know him well enough to know what WILL surprise him. So, you have to keep in mind that whatever you do, he must not perceive it as insulting or irritating. Here are some suggestions to inspire you to inspire him.
Get a Makeover

Do you often find yourself worried about your boyfriend leaving you for a hotter and sexier version of you? Well, BE IT. To evoke intense sexual attraction in him towards you, you need to work to make yourself that appealing to him. He has already seen you at your worst (drunk, sick or makeup-free when you wake up after drooling on your sheets). It is time to show him your best. Is he off on a business trip for a long time? Is he stationed in another city? The point is, you need to surprise him by showing off a new you that you invented during your time apart. For all those ladies who are not in either of these situations, you don't need to wait to have some time away from your boyfriend. You can still do it. What you need is lots of motivation and expert advice to help you achieve your goal successfully. Here is what to do -

Take any classes that involve considerable physical activity like salsa, ballet, mountain-climbing, river-rafting, gardening or simply aerobics. It is physically refreshing and paying for a couple of sessions in advance will keep you going at it.

    Bonus: New hobby + New friends + New body = Exciting You

Enlist the help of your most fashionable friend whose style you have always admired. Invite her over and ask for her help to revamp your closet. Go shopping with her so she can motivate you to try out different trends that you may have earlier shied away from. It is a nice lesson to learn what suits you better. Maybe, even change your signature scent. Once YOU feel sexy, you would want to enhance it more.

 Bonus: New wardrobe. Does it get any better?

Go over to a makeup counter and ask them for a free makeover. Change your hair. You can browse through some magazines or hire a trusted hair-stylist to give you a new look. Don't be afraid push your limits and experiment. Hire a makeover consultant if you can spare a few bucks.

    Bonus: New confidence.

The cumulative effect of it all would be the look on your boyfriend's face. Hint: Eyes popped out and jaws dropped in admiration. For him, it would be like dating a new person he is already in love with. Just make sure that your makeover is something along the lines of your boyfriend's taste. If he has never liked blonde hair, stay away from the bottle of bleach.

Give Him Vacation

Plan a vacation without telling him. Coordinate with his calender to avoid coinciding with any important events. Surprise him with the tickets for the trip at dinner. Make all the arrangements with utmost care and discretion. It will be a great surprise for him and both of you can enjoy a much-deserved break. It would be a great way to relax, shut out the rest of the world and spend time being close to each other.

Surprise birthday party for your boyfriend

Is his birthday coming up? Your anniversary or valentine's day on the horizon? Or did he just get a promotion? Whatever the occasion is, make it a memorable celebration by throwing a surprise party in your boyfriend's honor. Invite family, his close buddies (especially those who he has been unable to catch up with in a long time) and his colleagues. Get a theme cake that celebrates his passion. You can share a laugh about it together and he will always remember it. Play his favorite music at the party and have his favorite foods on the menu. Plan with secrecy so you don't blow your cover and make the evening all about him.

You've Got Mail!

Sending stuff by snail mail is one of the truly timeless ways to surprise someone. Send him his favorite cake at his workplace, or something that he's been wanting to buy, but has been unable to like tickets to a concert or a sports tournament. He'll absolutely love it and adore you for te gesture. I really feel that doing something for your boyfriend out of the blue when there is absolutely no reason to, is the best surprise you can give him and you will be rewarded with widest grin. If not a gift, you can always send him a sweet love letter to brighten up his day. Spray some of your scent on it and decorate with rose petals.

A Romantic Dinner

They say that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, I find it out be definitely true. Most men are not very fussy eaters so I find it to be a fairly easy deal to prepare a meal for two. Just make sure that it tastes good. What man doesn't like to be pampered? Plan a romantic candlelight dinner by the fireplace or on the beach. A picnic brunch is a fun idea if you don't want it to seem cliché. You can either order his favorite meal from a restaurant you know he likes, or you can prepare his favorite dishes yourself at home. Set the mood for the romantic evening with some soft music, dimmed lights, finger-licking food, sweet fragrance and you, dressed in something exquisite!

Plan a Surprise Rendezvous Plan a romantic dinner surprise for your boyfriend

Men often get caught up in balancing their work and love lives. They seem to distance themselves from friends and other people who were a crucial part of their lives before you came along. He probably wouldn't complain, but, you would hate to know that he resents you for missing out on it. If you know about someone close who your boyfriend hasn't met for a long time, and really wants to, you can secretly plan out the meeting for him. Skilfully extract the contact details from him, contact the people concerned, make the necessary arrangements, ask him to meet you at the place, and instead he'll find the other person. It is a very thoughtful thing to do for your boyfriend and it will make him extremely happy.

Spice up Lack Luster Romance

Men are visual creatures and we all know it. If the flame of your desire for each other has gone off like a burnt out candle, it is time to rekindle it. While all of the above were focused on making your boyfriend feel special. Text him to come by your place and welcome him with a sexy outfit that accentuates your best feature or a sinful negligee. Don't have the moolah to invest? Just don his white shirt with wet tousled hair and smokey eye makeup. It will take him exactly 2 seconds to leap across the room to you. Great way to remind him of the sexy you.

While You are Gone

If you are leaving the city for awhile, you can still give pleasant surprises to your boyfriend when you are not around. When you meet him, stock up his refrigerator with his favorite beer or ice-cream. It would be a wonderful surprise for him when he opens it after you have left. In fact, it will remind him of you and make him miss you more. If he is a big sport fanatic and has to miss out on a match when his favorite team is playing, TiVo it.

If you are around, run a hot bath for him in the tub to indulge in after a long day at work. Hire a yacht over the weekend and sail away. These are small gestures that surprise your boyfriend and remind him of how lucky he is to have your love. Sneak up behind him and give him a tight hug or shower him with kisses. Bring him a gift that makes his life easier like an electric shaver, a new pair of socks, hangers or a towel heater.

Men are fairly simple creatures and they may not be very vocal about their feelings, they always appreciate loving gestures once in a while that make them feel special. If you have chosen your boyfriend, I am sure it was because he was worth it.

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Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend
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