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Topics to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

Topics to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

There are many interesting topics that boys love to speak about and they are not all that hard to find. But, a conversation for a specific purpose, is what makes more sense. Let me help you out in this, through this article.

Topics to talk about with your boyfriend bestofshayari best of shayari

Topics to talk about with your boyfriend

Discussions with your boyfriend can get mundane if you don't stay informed. This is because, as a rule, men and women think differently. No matter how understanding you are, that difference will crop up, without fail. So, in order to maintain healthy communication, the best thing is to know what to talk about. Don't keep ranting about things that interest you, but don't talk only about his stuff either. Keep a clear balance, and you should be set.

So, the basic difference in men and women is, men love sports, women love mind games. Men love gadgets, women love accessories. A man could spend the entire day watching fashion week for the models, the woman would watch it for the apparel. These differences exist and can't be helped. A few exceptions may exist, but the difference still stands. So, how can you find topics that would interest your boyfriend when your differences are so stark. Well, ladies, it's simple. Just a little bit of research and a lot of affection can help you out. I am sure the affection can be handled by you, so I'll help you out with the research.

Interesting Topics that Boys Would Love to Speak About

 Read Newspaper together 

A really great way to start the day is to read the newspaper together. He gets to comment on what he finds interesting and you get to comment on what you like. This way, both of you get a chance to communicate as per your choice.

 Talk About His day

Talking about his day is another good subject to talk about with your boyfriend. If he gives a one word answer, probe it by asking, "why?" or "in what way?"

 Latest Movie

 If your boyfriend enjoys movies, talk to him about the latest movie that has been released, or the one that is due to come out. Find out his views and reviews.

 Topic of His interest

 Talk to him about something you recently read that would be of interest to him. If it is not of interest to him, mention it, but don't keep on about it.

 Latest Sport News

 Ask him about the latest news in his favorite sport. You could also, then, respond by telling him about your favorite sport. This will surely ignite his interest in the conversation.

 Recall Funny Incident

When you don't know how to start a conversation, remember one thing. Guys love to discuss funny things. Narrate a funny incident that may have happened to you in the day. You can also ask him for his opinion on it, if you want.

 Praise Him

Going against popular belief, guys love being spoken about. So, just tell your man how handsome he is and how happy being with him makes you. The best part of this one is that he will reciprocate with compliments for you.

 Man Love Gossip

Men love to "network" (read: gossip), no kidding! Let your man in on the latest gossip about your neighborhood. I am sure he will have something to say about it as well. More so, he will, most probably, let you in on some exciting gossip as well.

 Latest Book or Album

You can talk about the latest book that you read or the latest album that you heard. Men mostly have an opinion about everything, I am sure that he will have something to say about the artist or writer. This makes a great conversation topic.

 Your Boyfriend

One of the best and funny topics to talk about with your boyfriend are, the latest antics of Garfield or Calvin. You can choose the comic of his choice. Men are fairly passionate about their reads, I am sure he will have something to retaliate to.


Silence is often louder that a thousand words. So don't always try to keep having conversations. Try to enjoy each other's silence and make words out of the sound of heartbeats. When all that fails, and you still don't know what to talk about, you can resort to talking over subjects mentioned above. This is where I sign off! Take care!

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Topics to Talk About with Your Boyfriend
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