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Compliments for Guys

Compliments for Guys

What are the best compliments for boys and guys. If you are searching this than here we have 30 best compliments for boys that makes them happy.

compliments for guys

compliments for guys

What compliments boys like. what are the good things that boy wants to hear from girls. how to impress boys by compliments. what compliments boy likes to hear. Which are the best compliments boy likes to hear from their girlfriend. If you are searching compliments for men and boyfriend than you are at right place. below you will find all the compliments that a boy wants to hear from his girlfriend. You can pick up any one of them and than can send to your boyfriend to impress shim.

Everybody likes to hear compliments about them. If it is a girl or boy. But boys are very curious about their personality more than girls. Guys and boys wants to hear compliments about the following things:-

  • Clothes
  • goggles
  • bracelets
  • hairstyle
  • dressing sense
  • shoes
  • watches
  • fragrance
  • jeans

and there are many more.

When you say " i like the way you talk" than a boy is on high. boys think they hiked the mount Everest. And suddenly you will see some good and romantic vibes from boiys towards you. So complimenting boys is always beneficial for girls. So today we are giving some of the punch lines like compliments that you can say to boys and than see the magic effects of those compliments lines.


Compliments Guys Love to Hear

  •     I love spending time with U.
  •     Hve U been working out?
  •     U R so funny. I love the way U tell jokes.
  •     U R so good at fixing things around the house.
  •     I appreciate Ur help in fixing my remote.
  •     U hve such an interesting personality.
  •     I love talking 2 U. U hve a great sense of humor.
  •     U R so well read.
  •     I M impressed with the way U hndled tht 2ugh situation.
  •     U always know the right things 2 say 2 me.
  •     U make the best moji2s in the world.
  •     I feel so happy whnevr I M with U.
  •     Tht was a great gMe U just played.
  •     Did U 9tice tht woman checking U out?
  •     U R so supportive nd understnding.
  •     Wht would I do without U?

Compliments about a Guy's Looks

  •     U hve such gorgeous eyes.
  •     U hve such a deep husky voice. It makes me feel great hearing Ur voice.
  •     U hve such an incredible laugh.
  •     R U working out? U hve such a 2ned body.
  •     Hello, hndsome? Where hve U been?
  •     U smell great. Is tht a new perfume?
  •     Ur new haircut is 2tally rocking.
  •     Is tht a new shirt? The color looks fabulous on U.

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Compliments for Guys
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