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Flirting through touch

Flirting through Text Messages

Flirting through Text Messages including naughty romantic sms and message impress girlfriend or boyfriend and to make them excited.

Flirting through touch and text messages for perfect and romatic flirting. Today we are going to share how a touch can increase the level of excitation in opposite partner. Here we have some of the best collection of naught flirty text messages that you can use to send to a girl and can make her fall in love with you. You will bow the seeds of true love and your romantic journey will start with our messages.

This are perfect for cute and romantic relationship. this messages has everything that you want to say to her. like if you want to express emotion of love than this flirting messages will do that job. If you want to meet her again, or you want to kiss her, you want to take her for a ride but do not know how to ask her for long drive. So all of such queries that you want to do with her but you are afraid of asking her and do not know the way hot to ask her. Than this flirting through touch or flirting sms and messages will be tremendous for you.

Flirty Texts that're Funny

♥ "No matter how sad, no matter how sick, I feel better just thinking of U . . . bt I'm happier each time I send U a message 'coz I know I'll be DISTURBING U!" This message will open the doors of friendship 4 U.

♥ "Why was Phillip's girlfriend annoyed? Coz she found out tht Phillips 17 inch was a TV." This 1 has comedy with a dash of innuendo. This works really well!

♥ "Can I hve a picture of Urs so I can show Santa wht I gotta hve 4 Xmas?" This is cute nd nice text, nd will let the person know tht U like him/her.

♥ "If I had a penny every time I thought of U, I'd still miss U, bt at least I would be rich!" This 1 is great whn U hve 9t been in 2uch 4 a while.

♥ "Hey! Can I join U if U're free . . . 4 the rest of Ur life?" I'm sure U wouldn't help laughing, nd will be floored by this message.

♥ "Those striking eyes, tht incredible body, wht a brain, tht infectious smile . . . bt tht's me! Tell me, how U r?" It is a cheeky way of having a conversation with a guy/girl nd I M pretty sure it'll work.

♥ "S2p thinking about me!:)". It's a short nd 2-the-point text, bt will still hve its effect on Ur crush!

♥ "I only wish alphabets could be rearranged . . . I would put U nd I 2gether!" It is certainly a cute text 2 draw Ur date's attention!

U can even go a little slow by simply sending courtesy "hey, how U doing" text messages. U can also send 4warded jokes. However, do 9t overdo the 4wards, every1 doesn't like thm.  

Flirty Text Messages tht're Naughty

        Now, getting 2 the naughtier side of life. Flirt SMS text messages r a great way 2 be naughty without really offending the person. The best part is, U can add a "lol" (laugh out loud) at the end of the message, 2 let the person know tht U r kidding. Let's see a few exMples of flirty text messages which r naughty.

♥ "Do U know wht's the difference between U getting laid, nd the pope getting laid? I M 9t getting it on with the pope!" This message is a clearcut indication of Ur attraction.

♥ "Whn a man talks dirty 2 a woman it's crime. Whn a woman talks dirty 2 a man, it's $3.95 per minute." Just an innocent fact? I don't think so!

♥ "Love is a nMe, Sax is a gMe. 4get the nMe nd play the gMe!" Just a funny, naughty 4ward . . . right?

♥ "Nver make love in the garden or in the fields...4 love might be blind bt Ur neighbor's 9t!" Just something 4 U 2 remember whn the sender comes over!

♥ ":-*(": It stnds 4 "I want more thn a kiss on the cheek". It is a good response 2 a "muah"!

♥ "Wht two things in the air can make a girl pregnant? HER FEET!" This 1 is a great SMS conversation starter!

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Flirting through touch
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