Monday, 5 March 2012

Why Are Men So Insensitive?

How often women complain that their men never will share with them emotions, not talk, will not regret it... they are so insensitive and inconsiderate. And generally thick-skinned and insensitive.

Why are men so insensitive?

ladies! Immediately one question: if men were emotional and have sensitive natures — whoever they were? That's right: there would be... women!

Nature has specifically made men unlike women. Did not just so, to increase the chances of our species survival. Where the woman tries to solve the problem of softness, compromises and nothing hidden, cunning, a man will attempt to cut the Gordian knot and shows strength and perseverance.

We should not be surprised that your man doesn't look like you, but just be aware of his psychological differences. And then you realize that the  insensitivity is notorious, of course, men's fault. But at the same time and dignity!

 why, in spite of the superiority of women in working with a large number of objects, the vast majority of air traffic controllers – the men? Due to the difference in behavior in stressful situations. Women having a movable psyche and the natural vivacity of mind, in a stressful situation usually begins to rush between different options, unable to decide definitively on any of them. And very often it ends up that the female psyche is protected against overloading: consideration of any options shall be terminated completely, she simply closes her eyes, curls up into a ball, and gives everything to the mercy of fate.

Men behave differently. Educated in the spirit that they have to maintain composure under all circumstances ("Boys do not cry! The boys beat in the eye!"), and protected from stress overload its natural stupid... m-m-m... mental lack of agility and ability to stretch like a bull in what is"Said "To the mother!" — so, mommy."), they cope better with crisis situations and act in them a support for their women and children. What's valuable in them. Well, with the natural point of view.

Next time you want to accuse your man of insensitivity, consider this: not this if you loved him? Not for strength and reliability, not for this at times so infuriating self-confidence? But all of this — the flip side of the same insensitivity that you now blame.

Why are men so insensitive?

keeping all these unconditional masculine qualities, He would be still more attentive. At least to you. 

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Why Are Men So Insensitive?
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