Monday, 5 March 2012

i feel love you letter

I Feel you love letter or say i feel your love all the time.

i feel love you letter
i feel love you letter

Every day when I wake up
I feel that you are here
Here in the bed and in my heart
And I pretend that we ‘ll never be part
I know there is an ocean between us
A long gap, a distance between us
I wish some day my feelings become true
I actually feel you and make love with you.

These are some cute love letter that are about feeling.

Whatever i think about you, my mind gets distracted. I do not know why this happens. If it is love then i truly love you. Actually, i feel lost without you. When you are not there around me. I feel something is missing. I keep yearbubg for you the whole day. I feel you all the time around me. When i talk to you. I feel all the glee in life. Baby i truly love you. 

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i feel love you letter
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