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Valentine day Special SMS collection.Facebbok status update.

116 Valentine day sms to wish on 14 February to your boyfriend, girlfriend and others. Best Messages for top class people. Enjoy the day of love with him/her.

Collection of 116 Valentine day sms,messages in English to wish your loving person that may be your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother,father, friend or any other relationship. 14 February is known as valentine day and it is a day of love and happiness. so wish your loving person with this top class and one of the best valentine day sms and messages. This messages are good for your Facebook status update specially on the occasion of valentine day. We have this collection of best valentine day messages just for you. You are free to use this 116 best valentine day sms for girlfriend or boyfriend.

Feel your partner's heart with love and affection on this love day. Feel your partner's dream on this day and impress her by your unique style. So enjoy this day of love and happiness with us.

Is valentine day only solution to impress your girlfriend? Do you really send such romantic and sexy messages to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Well in this article we are going to discuss what are the other sources and ways to impress your loving ones.

Valentine day

valentine day
valentine day

Definitely in the very first light of the morning you want to wish your girlfriend so valentine day sms are the best choice to express your love. But what do you do after sending one or two sms.

What are the other ways to impress her/him on valentine day?

There are many other ways through which you can enjoy valentine day with your partner and keep her exited throughout the day.

These are the ways for boys if they want to enjoy their valentine day with their girlfriend.

boyfriend impress girlfriend on valentine day
boyfriend impress girlfriend on valentine day

  • Sending flowers in the morning.
  • Surprise her with chocolate box.
  • Give her a romantic greeting card.
  • Give her a necklace.
  • Give her finger ring.
  • Take her for shopping and buy her a new dress.
  • Take her for a romantic candle light dinner.
  • Take her in romantic theme based restaurant for lunch and dinner.
  • Book a lavish hotel and enjoy your day there.

10 ways for girl to impress their boyfriend on valentine day

girlfriend impress boyfriend on valentine day
girlfriend impress boyfriend on valentine day

  • Give a warm hug to your boyfriend in the morning.
  • Send him greeting card.
  • Send him a perfume.
  • Boys like watches so you can present a watch to your boyfriend.
  • Make him feel that you love him by grabbing his hand while shopping.
  • Kiss him.

So this is all the ways to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend. Valentine day is not limited to just sending sms and messages but also keeping your partner happy throughout the day. It is your responsibility to make your partner happy by giving gifts and all the other things. Such days makes your relationship happier and more importantly it strengthens bonding of relationship. It feels your relationship with love. You must enjoy this beautiful day of love. Valentine day is celebrated because of saint valentine who always loved people and taught us the lesson of love and it is not limited to only your life partner. Apart from this you must send gifts to your parents as well. Because this is festival of love and love have no boundations and limitations. It can take place anywhere. So take this day as a day of love and spread the message of love everywhere.

So these are the ways for boys and girls to enjoy their valentine day with their beloved ones. I hope you enjoy valentine day (14 February) and have a happy and loving relationship in your life.

116 Valentine Day SMS, Messages for all

valentine day sms messages
valentine day sms messages

  1. ur smile, ur laugh, ur heart, ur mind…everything. That`s wht I love about U. Miss U. Happy Valentine`s Day…
  2. thr is no other couple I`d want 2 be like… we`re it. I Love How Much I Like U, Happy Valentine`s Day
  3. On 14th February, Sending a little love ur way. Valentine`s Day!
  4. Real Love Is 9t Based On Romance Cndle Light Dinner n Walks Along The Beach. In fact It Is Based On Respect Compromise CR n Trust
  5. I love U 9t Bcoz of who U R, Bt Bcoz of who I M whn I M with U.
  6. I though 2 bring lot of flowers nd happiness 4 this valentines day Bt U said i M 9t ur dear 9t even a friend 2 wish U.
  7. I though 2 bring lot of flowers nd happiness 4 this valentines day Bt U said i M 9t ur dear 9t even a friend 2 wish U…
  8. U R the beat of my heart The 1 I really love Don’t let me out of ur sight 4 I’m urs by heart

  9. I wish 2 live in ur  eyes Die in ur arms nd Be buried in ur heart Happy Valentine’s day
  10. 2day I already killed some helpless flowers 4 U… wht else do U want?!??!
  11. On this day made just 4 lovers something weighs heavily on my mind yet still I hve 2 question . . wil U be my valentine?
  12. 2 all my friends who R commited: Happy Valentine`s Day…. nd 2 all my friends who r single, Happy Independance Day…:)
  13. No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had 1.
  14. A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discom4t, N remembered with nostalgia. Happy Valentine`s Day.
  15. The alternative 2 a vacation is 2 stay home nd tip every third person U see.
  16. Never 2o old 2 do the funky anything. 2 the 1 who makes me feel like singing nd dancing? Mong other things! I love U.
  17. Next 2 U. That`s where I want 2 be. With U alwayz. U R home 2 me. Happy Valentine`s Day..
  18. Who knew U`d turn out 2 be such a wonderful husbnd nd father Well, me. Bt Thn again, I know everything. Happy Valentine`s Day..
  19. thr`s only 1 thing that would make this valentine perfect… if I could deliver it in person. Happy Valentine`s Day…
  20. I may be away Bt I`m sure.. Even whn we`re far apart.. Distance can never change.. The love I hve 4 u in my heart. Thinking 4 u..
  21.  Would U like 2 buy something more Thn flowers or chocolates Bt U R 9t sure wht 2 do or get…Happy Valentine`s Day…
  22. C.L.I.C.K. means: C=cant live without u L=love u I=i miss u C=cR about u K=kiss frm my heart 2 u So whnever u miss me jst say CLICK
  23. 2 Give Pleasure 2 A Single Heart By A Single Act Is Better Thn A Thousnd Heads Bowing In Prayer.. Happy Valentine`s Day…
  24. wht is a flower without the sun? wht is the earth without the sky? wht M I without U? that is why I tell U I love U..
  25. U Put The Fun In 2gether, The Sad In Apart, The Hope In 2morrow, The Joy In My Heart. Happy Valentine`s Day..
  26. Love Is The Happiness Of 2day, nd Promise Of 2morrow, So This Warm 9te Comes 2 U, 2 Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
  27. U r Like The Sunshine So Warm, U r Like Sugar, So Sweet! U r Like U! N That`s The Reason Why I Love U! Happy Valentine`s Day.
  28. The Sweetest Way 2 Propose: “Excuse Me, Do U hve A Bnd Aid, Bcoz I Scrapped My Knee whn I Fell In Love With U.” Cho Chweet..
  29. I Never Saw So Sweet A Face As That I S2od Be4e. My Heart Has Left Its Dwelling Place nd Can Return No More. Be With Me 4ever.
  30.  Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way 2 retain love is 2 give it away. Happy Valentine's Day
  31.  Love unlocks doors nd opens windows that weren't even thr be4e. Happy Valentine's Day
  32. I just wanted 2 tell U, on this very special Valentine's Day: I'm exceptionally Thnkful U lowered ur stndards enough 2 date me.
  33.  48+2 Members can sit in a Bus. 5+1 can sit in a Car. 3+1 can sit in a au2 1+1 can sit in a Bike. Only 1 can sit in my Heart, That's 'U' My dear valentine.
  34.  I wish 2 live in ur eyes! Die in ur arms nd Be buried in ur heart! Happy Valentine's day
  35. 2 all my friends who R commited: Happy Valentine`s Day…. nd 2 all my friends who r single, Happy Independance Day…:
  36. wht The Heart Gives Away Is Never G1, Bt Kept In The Hearts Of Others, From Dusk 2 Dawn. Love u From The Core of My Heart Valentine.
  37.  Love is like playing the piano. First U must learn 2 play by the rules, Thn U must 4get the rules nd play from ur heart. Happy Valentine’s Day
  38.  My every movement spent with U is diMond 4 me. I love U my Valentine. My every movement spent with U is diMond 4 me. I love U my Valentine.
  39.  Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts 4ever. BE My Valentine
  40.  A hundred hearts would be 2o few 2 carry all my love 4 U.
  41.  wht the heart gives away is never g1. It is kept in the hearts of others.
  42.  Real love s2ries never hve endings.
  43.  The best feelings R those that hve no words 2 describe them.
  44.  In true love the smallest distance is 2o great, nd the greatest distance can be bridged.
  45.  People who R sensible about love R incapable of it.
  46.  A good wife alwayz 4gives her husbnd whn she’s wrong.
  47.  A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.
  48.  4get love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.
  49.  I found the reason 2 smile, the day I found U.
  50.  It makes me smile 2 wake up next 2 U.
  51.  Some men say they love their women till the end of the world, I don’t. I want 2 love U beyond the end of the world.
  52.  I M in favor of preserving the French habit of kissing the hnds of ladies. After all, 1 must start somewhere.
  53.  Every1 deserves a chance 2 clean up their mistakes.
  54.  It’s hard 2 answer the question “wht’s wrong” whn 9things right.
  55.  Don`t judge me 2morrow by the way im acting 2day.
  56.  We pick our friends nd Thn life sorts them out.
  57.  “An average person, lies 10 times a day. nd the most common lie is “I M FINE”.
  58.  Biggest mistake ever is thinking with ur heart nd feeling with ur mind. Things Rn’t supposed 2 work this way.
  59.  thr R hundreds of languages … Bt a smile speaks them all.
  60.  Words don’t hve the power 2 hurt U. Unless the person who said them means a lot 2 U.
  61.  Everything I like is either Illegal, Immoral, Fattening, Addictive, Expensive, or Impossible.
  62.  Work hard 2 get wht U like, otherwise U’ll be 4ced 2 like wht U get.
  63.  The best things in life R free like Love, Respect, Patience nd Kindness.
  64.  Say wht U Mean Bt Mean wht U Say.
  65.  From the worst moments U can learn the most.
  66.  Love is alwayz open arms. If U close ur arms about love U wil find that U R left holding only urself.
  67.  y most brilliant achievement was my ability 2 be able 2 persuade my wife 2 marry me.
  68.  1 should alwayz be in love. That is the reason 1 should never marry.
  69.  True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about nd few hve seen.
  70.  A woman is already halfway in love with any man who listens 2 him.
  71.  Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass.
  72.  whtever our souls R made of, his nd mine R the sMe.
  73.  Love is 2 feel wht the other is feeling even if they R far away.
  74.  Two things only a man can9t hide, that he is drunk nd that he is in love.
  75.  Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.
  76.  I don’t wish 2 be everything 2 every1, Bt I would like 2 be something 2 some1. Love makes the wildest spirit tMe, nd the tMest spirit wild.
  77.  I love U. Don’t ever think that I don’t, nd don’t ever 4get that I do.
  78.  The space between ur heart nd mine is the space we wil fill with time.
  79.  Why M I so afraid 2 lose U whn U R 9t even mine?
  80.  wht I need 2 live has been given 2 me by the earth. Why I need 2 live has been given 2 me by U. Happy Valentine’s Day
  81.  Faith doesn’t make things easy, Just possible
  82.  Taking revenge is wrong… very very wrong… Bt very very fun…
  83.  TRUST: it takes years 2 build up nd seconds 2 destroy.
  84.  Sometimes U gotta let time 2 be the answer.
  85.  Even if I was home al1 4 six hours, my tv didnt work, computer was broken, ph1 wasnt charged nd I lost the charger… I STILL wouldn’t do my homework.
  86.  Life is like Facebook. People wil like ur problems & comment on them Bt no 1’s gonna solve them Bcoz every1 is busy in updating their.
  87.  They say life gets better. whn?
  88.  Some things in life U hve 2 accept Bcoz U hve no control over it. Other things U can change Bcoz U hve the control. U just hve 2 figure out wht’s worth fighting 4.
  89.  thr R three kinds of men who do 9t understnd women: Ung, old, nd middle aged.
  90.  I know that somewhere in the Universe exists my perfect soulmate … Bt looking 4 her is much more difficult Thn just staying at home nd ordering a9ther pizza.
  91.  I love making friends…. It’s people I can’t understnd.
  92.  I don’t cR who U R Where U’re from wht U did As long as U love me.
  93.  Love deeply nd passionately. U might get hurt Bt it’s the only way 2 live life completely.
  94.  Bachelors should be heavily taxed. It’s 9t fair that some men
  95.  should be happier Thn others.
  96.  We waste time looking 4 the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
  97.  Heaven is where the heart is nd heart is where the love is.
  98.  9thing hurts more Thn realizing he meant everything 2 U nd U meant 9thing 2 him
  99.  It is 9t being in LOVE that makes me happy… Bt it is being in LOVE with U that makes in happy !!!!
  100.  The happiness of ur life depends on the quality of ur thoughts.
  101.  Some people alwayz get wht they want Bt never wht they deserve.
  102.  In a crMped bus.. Lady: Something of urs is touching me. Man: Oh! That’s… that’s just my salary in my pocket. Lady: Did ur salary just triple in the last 5 minutes?
  103.  wht do U call a group of people where two people R thinking of Love & all other R thinking of food? . . . . . . . . WEDDING
  104.  Teacher: Who can explain gender discrimination with an exMple? Student: Women can sleep with whoever they want ,men hve 2 sleep with whoever lets them!
  105.  Do U know the meaning og ABCDEF? A boy can do everything 4 Girl. Reverse the meaning of, GFEDCBA … Girl 4get everything d1 & Catches new boy Again.
  106.  By the time children realize their pRnts were right, they hve children who think they R wrong.
  107.  Women R like IPh1s, U hve 2 touch them all over be4e they respond. Men R like Blackberrys, rub 1 ball nd everything moves!
  108.  Never be dependent 2 any1 in this world Bcoz even ur own shadow leaves U whn U’re in darkness.
  109.  A hot secretary cMe angrily out Of boss cabin. Her colleague asked: wht Happened? U went inside in a happy mood. She replied: He asked me R U free 2night? I said absolutely free. That bastard gave me 45 pages 2 type!
  110.  If U run, make sure U’re running 2wards something. Never away.
  111.  They say that alcohol kills slowly. So wht? Who’s in a hurry?
  112.  thr R two ways 2 get every1 2 hate U. Either do something really wrong, or do something really right.
  113.  Sometimes we 4give people simply Bcoz we want them 2 remain in our lives. Even whn we should actually just let go.
  114.  In life; Good experiences wil produce memorable moments nd bad experiences wil produce lessons.
  115.  ur life doesn’t get better by chance, It gets better by CHANGE.
  116.  A man is 9t finished whn he is defeated. He is finished whn he quits.

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Valentine day Special SMS collection.Facebbok status update.
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