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Things to do to make her feel "i love you"

As a hint to a girl that I was her love . How to tell her that you love her? Below are the things to do to make her feel.

Things to do to make her feel "i love you"
Things to do to make her feel "i love you"

How to tell a girl you love her

How to say about feelings that you are trying to express, no matter the first time or the tenth, but all of your words freeze when you look in her eyes at least for a moment. It is important to confess your love to the girl because the words are not only heard, but also touch her heart. Actually the recipes are countless. There are a few General rules, but mostly everything will depend on you.


1)The most important thing is to try to do everything that the keeps her in a good mood, or to wait until such time. If she likes to be the center of attention than try to maker her and maker her feel that she is actually the center of attraction, Try to sing her favorite love song, but better if you do it in personal space, because it's very personal, and she may be embarrassed.

2)Do what she likes for example you can order her favorite cake when you are in restaurant with her. And that will e the perfect time for you to propose her.

3)Even if you have no opportunity to do anything big, even if you just hug her gently and whisper sacred words, or write on your e-status about love so that the girl realizes that it was dedicated to her,- you reach a goal – she learns about your feelings.

Useful advice

Most importantly, however, You need to be natural and sincere to speak what you feel, not memorized text. Don't laugh, because it will only show the beloved that your recognition is not serious. Be realistic and tell her that you love her because why to follow other things when being real and natural can work better than all.

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Things to do to make her feel "i love you"
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