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How to talk to Girls

How to talk to a girl,For girls, communication is one of the most important components of any relationship – neighborly, friendship or love.

How to talk to Girls
How to talk to Girls

 If you want to approach a particular girl, than you must begin with conversations.


(1)Be sincere boy,Good girls can really track a lie, in addition, you can get lost in their own fictions, and will be  in a very disadvantagous position to stand before the object of sympathy.

(2)Show your interest in the body language. Girls usually pay attention to non-verbal signals of interest, so try to smile more and look darling in the eyes and your voice tone should be velvety and pleasant during the conversation .

(3)Radiate optimism. Do not be tempted to complain to the chief, teachers, health, ex-girlfriend, etc. the complainers have absolutely no chance to develop a relationship with an attractive, intelligent and self-sufficient girl.

(4)Feel free to talk to the girlfriend about all of the positive changes that happened to her recently. Either she changed her hairstyle or updated wardrobe, lost weight, etc. – all this may be a topic for pleasant girl talk.

(5)Tell about your emotions. Once you have the desire to hug or kiss the girl – tell her about it.

(6)Keep the conversation with silent pauses. If the girl is not too talkative – take responsibility for the development of the conversation. Tell your friend about yourself, ask her questions about her Hobbies, dreams and desires, impressions from books and movies.

(7)Don't let yourself be into silly jokes and foul language. Any self-respecting girl will stop communicating with the guy which allow such liberties. In addition, you cannot engage in self-promotion and bragging, to focus on his financial position, to criticize the appearance of a friend, her habits and ignorance in any male-dominated fields – fishing, football, etc.

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How to talk to Girls
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