How to KISS a Girl

How to Kiss a Girl

Knowing how to kiss a girl is as important as knowing when to kiss a girl. Right timing is always the key in kissing. It is the usual difficulty that guys encounter when they try to kiss the girl they liked, not knowing if they are ready for it. Getting the timing wrong can make the moment awkward. However, get the timing right, the rest is history.
There are girls who do not want to be kissed in public. Some will not kiss you for the first time if they think it is not yet the right time. Some do just because you made the first move and some will even turn you down. This is obviously a personal preference. Should you follow a guideline on how to kiss a girl to put everything in order?
The following are the guidelines on how to kiss a girl:
1. Making her feel comfortable.
You can make her feel comfortable by cracking mild jokes since humor is one quality that attracts girls. For example, it might be a good time to kiss the girl during the mad scenes in a movie. It can ease the tension and you can both laugh it off right after. Given that, the girl likes the movie too.
2. Go to a romantic place.
Girls are amazingly romantic in nature. Just imagine how can she say no when you are going to kiss her during sunset, on the white sand beach, under the stars, on a camp fire or on a pond with all the swans around. Midnight or early dawn scenes can also be lovely but what is most important is the sincerity that comes along with it.
3. Be Daring!
Lean and go for that kiss. Do not be too fast, just lean in slowly, closing your eyes and while you get closer, leave about a half inch away from her lips. The key there is when she is ready, and then she will lean and kiss you too. You can try to peck on your first kiss before you go for a more passionate kiss. You can say sweet things in between as it also allows you to breathe.
4. Stroking her neck by the use of the other hand.
Leaving your hand on the back of the girl’s neck will keep her in place. Girls do like it because they will feel cared for and loved. It can even make them feel a bit tingled and warm.
5. Keep in mind the topic that you were talking about before kissing to keep you going after.
You do not want to give her the wrong impression when you act strange. She will remember you how you were before you kissed and you want to keep that even after kissing.
6. Still be a little touchy even after the kiss.
Of course, you want her to want more or you might leave her thinking that you do not like her. You can stroke her hair or back, her cheek or neck.
Kissing is an expression of different kinds of feelings. However, the first kiss is still the most important for the majority. After all, it is the indication of how well your date went and the antecedent for another date that can lead you to a relationship.

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