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How To Impress A Rich Girl When You Are A Poor Men

How to impress a rich girl when you are a poor person or not rich and famous.

A complete step by step to impress a rich girl but worse happens when you are not rich and also not famous so if you are facing these conditions do not worry these article is going to help you.after these article you will know how to impress a girl and women who are very rich .

How to impress a rich girl when you are not famous and rich

--Try to get sympathy from her.

--Do good things in front of her like helping elders in shopping malls for example you can pick someone's luggage and offer help for free.

--Respect other girls in front of her.

--Respect people so that it leaves a good impression on her.

--If that rich girl and you , both are in shopping mall than take part in any mall acitivty ; like there are lots of competition goes now a days in shopping malls for example singing, dancing and other things.

--Try to pass smile whenever you see her.

--Wear sober clothes not so funky because girls likes gentleman not roadies.

--Try to talk to with her friends and leave a happy impression on their face because later they will discuss about you with your rich girl.

--Try to be so humble and respectful towards girls because girls like those one who respects girls. So respect girls.

--If both of you are in coaching class or school than study hard and try to solve her problems in studies that will give you a chance for more communication with her.

--Participate in sports because girls like those boys that have stamina as well.

--These are the things that you can do without spending a penny, So it does not matter that you are a rich or poor men, But these things can really impress a rich or poor girl.

So if you are a poor boy and think that it is tough to impress a rich high class girl than follow the above simple things and soon that rich girl will be yours.

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How To Impress A Rich Girl When You Are A Poor Men
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