How to impress a girl on chat .A complete step by step tutorial to impress a girl on chat. 

How to impress a girl on chat
How to impress a girl on chat

I am going to give you some ideas to date online and some dating tips like how to impress a girl on chat online so if you are chatting with a girl and want to impress her than below article is going to help you and make her fall in love with you to impress her.

(1)Be super confident, girls always like confident boys.

For example :- If she asks about your interest than clearly say what you like and dislike. But ask for her interest and praise them because you are here to impress a girl not to argue.

(2)Show super interest in her

For example:- If she says she likes to watch basketball than you also need to say that you like it too much and you can give her some tips if she plays. Send her some photos of popular basketball players or share some online resources where she can watch free basketball live. And there are various other ways though which you can show interest in her.

(3)Show that you care about her

For example:- If she says she could not pass that exam and she want to be a bank officer than tell her that"  Do not worry, you will get success in next attempt because an intelligent girl like you has something big in her destiny". If she shares something sad about her than use words like "Oh, god bless you" , "I am always with you to help". This really works to impress a girl in chat.

(4)Express your emotions and desires about meeting with her

For example:- You can tell her that you can give her some popular magazines of basketball (Remember it is of her interest) or offer her to give those things that she is interested in like you can offer her bank officer exam books and this way you can meet in restaurant.

(5)Praise and compliment her

For example :- If she has achieved something than tell her that only very few people can achieve this. Tell her" You are so intelligent" "You are beauty with brains" Such compliment really works to impress a girl on chat.

These are some small but effective ways to impress and please a girl on chat.


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