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How to impress a girl and fall in love with you

How to impress a girl and 5 steps to make her fall in love with you.

A complete step by step approach to impress a girl and fall in love with you.lots of people ask me on my website that can you tell us 5 tips to impress a girl or 7 5steps to impress a girl well so today i am telling you all secrets that how i impressed many girl and made them fall in love with me.

so today we are going to discuss how to impress a girl and fall in love with you first and foremost thing is look good yak that's the spirit everybody wants a boyfriend looks dashing and handsome and if you are not well groomed and doesn't look beautiful why she will be attracted towards you should try to be different try to wear good clothes not like funky clothes and be well groomed like be clean shaved good hair cut polished shoes and all other things that makes you looking good so do all this things before reaching a girl

Be loud and clear

speak loud and talk loud yak that's the very important thing girl doesn’t like shy people so try to make her feel comfortable like that you are comfortable with her by talking loudly so loudly doesn't mean that you have to cry all over but in a convenient way with confidence to talk to girls with confidence don't be a shy person

Eye contact

maintain eye contact whenever you talk with a girl try to maintain eye contact with her if you don't make eye contact or you’re not listening to her when she speaking or you are not making eye contact when she is saying something to you or you are not making eye contact even when you are saying something to her then definitely you are doing wrong things you are doing a bad mistake she will not be happy by the way you are present in right now so whenever you try to talk a girl meant in a I contact that definitely impacts girls hearts if you want to impress her and fall in love with you than maintain eye contact do not be shy

Have some fun

whenever you talk with a girl do not forget the fun part you know girls don’t like serious discussions this is only time to time but you are trying to impress her so try to be a little bit funny make her smile and make an impression like you can make you smile all the time girls like guys so try to be a little bit funny then being serious all the time

Express yourslef

give your message ya if you are really serious about the girl and if you like that girl then confidently tell her that you like her now do not do this mistake like I like you as a girlfriend but first friendship works so try to be friends first then you can proposal but at least convey your intent

Be positive

be positive yak don't be sad negative person by talking negative things all the time be positive whatever she says at least say yes to her like you have a positive attitude towards and life then she will definitely like u n positive attitude really impress the girl

Give her a chance to speak

let her speak  you know girls like to discuss about their life they want to share their life with you and whenever you are having discussion with any girl don't be selfish I mean by being selfish is that do not speak too much at least give me your girl chance to share her life also with you don't be one sided discussion

Respect is everything for girls 

whenever you are having discussion with any girl if you are not agree with the one of the opinion of god then do not disrespect or at least respect her answer and tell her why you do not like this answer but in a sweet way because if you disrespect any girl any of the girl will not like you and forget about the pressing girls so if you want to impress a girl then please respect her because girls like those person who respect to girl

Forget criticism 

do not ever criticize her if you are not agree with the discussion with points in clearly stated in a loving way but do not criticize because girls will not like you if you could but even compliment she will like your compliments not your criticism

The romantic 

girls like romantic person so when you are discussing with a girl are you are on a date then try to add some love story in your discussion so that she will get information of you like you know you love  stories and she will portray you as a loving person and romantic person so be romantic

Share jokes 

when you talk with a girl then also share some jokes between the discussion and try to make the whole environment comfortably girls wants a person who makes them laugh so try to make them laugh and try to bring smile on their face by sharing some of the great loving jokes

Respect her parents 

if during discussion art of living whenever she discuss about her parents then do not disrespect and apart from that give them respect so that she will portray you’re as a person who like the parents so give respect to her parents

Give her a friendly light hug 

yeah after the discussion you need to give her a hug so that she gets impressed by you giving her is the best way to impress any girlfriend but do not great but tightly give her a warm and loving hug in a friendly way so this world all the way to impress a girl fall in love with you we have shared all those things that you can do whenever you are having discussion with a girl are when you are talking to god like looking smart be polite giving respect to her and apparently giving a chance to speak so this was all the tips that I can give you by which you can impress any girl because I have been successful in doing this you can also be successful so get a good discussion and impress your girlfriend and have a strong relationship god bless you.

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How to impress a girl and fall in love with you
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