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How to get your ex-valentine back

How to fall in love with ex-girlfriend and get your ex valentine back in your life.

How to get your ex-valentine back
How to get your ex-valentine back

Sometimes on the basis of friendship arise much more warm and intimate feeling. You can translate the chat with the girl-friend in another direction gradually. But if friendships, for some reason, it has been broken, then fall in love girlfriend is a bit trickier.

1)First, you need to repair the friendships. So regardless of who is at fault for the fight, First you have to make contact and offer reconciliation.

Do it gently – do not force the girl for friendship. Better ask her to talk and find out what led to the altercation, not who is to blame. invite her in a cafe for eating pizza and a glass of wine. It will be a fun and does not hint at your feelings of love.

2)Now you're friends again, and you can move on to the next stage of conquest. To be a friend in some aspect is more profitable, than a boyfriend. Girl shares her experiences with you, and along with a description of the positive and negative qualities of her former ex, his impressions of his gifts and behavior.

Use it for your own purposes – she told you that what kind of date is considered ideal and what are the qualities of a potential applicant for her hand and heart. You don't need to guess with the choice of cafes and communication style, to win her just use her own words.

3)She realized that you no longer treat her as a friend and hope for more? Now everything depends on her decision. Most likely, it will take a little time to think. Don't try to pressure her, do not try to tell her "what is there to think - we know each other well", "I think we make a perfect couple" - such statements only deter her.

It may happen that she does not want to see you in the role of guy and will offer to leave everything as is. Respect her choice.It is not necessary to go on offense and aggressively trying to become her boyfriend – so you will ruin the friendship completely, and to correct the situation then it will be very difficult.

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How to get your ex-valentine back
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