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How to Build Self Confidence.

Learn how to build self confidence and become a confident person and face the people to affect them in positive and dominant way.

How to Build Self Confidence.
How to Build Self Confidence.

Tip 1: learn How to be a confident person

Confidence – required quality of a successful person. Success in all spheres of life depends on this feeling. Confidence Should be developed to inculcate from childhood, educating at an early age. If this opportunity has passed, don't doubt – self-confidence, and other quality, can develop independently at any age. The main thing – to believe in yourself.


(1)First learn that you can do it, not to criticize yourself, to calmly accept all the shortcomings. Everyone makes mistakes, and remember perfect people do not exist. The first cause of uncertainty and lack of self confidence is that the person himself does not like himself. Get rid of this feeling.

(2)Set a goal. It is better to record everything on paper: indicate what changes you will bring in yourself to achieve something and to become more confident. Define what you mean by that. Prepare a sheet of notes  – to get you through the month to compare to your achievements.

(3)Remember the moments when you feel the maximum confidence. Remember, in what situation it was that caused this feeling, what sensations you had. Every detail is important. Think of this often, try to arouse that feeling, to embody them.

(4)Try this exercise: put your hand in the elastic band, and when you feel self-doubt, pull it, so it hurt your hand. After several such situations with uncertainty will be associated with unpleasant feelings, and subconsciously you will start to avoid that situation. You can also do the opposite – when you get to be confident, secure the feeling of positive emotions. Do what you like and want: eat sweet, watch your favorite movie.

(5)Watch your posture and gait. Correct, proud posture and a steady gait are two main characteristics of a confident man. Do not slouch, keep your head straight and shoulders spread. Go to clearly, directly, show confidence, even if you feel otherwise. Gradually your mind will adapt to the body and you will feel the confidence. Develop other signs of a confident man – speak up, look in the eyes, change facial expressions and gestures.

(6)Change your speech. In conversation, frequently use the pronoun "I", always Express your opinion, using the phrase "I think", "I think". Say "no" when necessary, Express your refusal clearly and firmly – "I don't want", "I don't like it", "I cannot do that". Openly Express your feelings, talk about them. Try to start a conversation and finish them. Control your voice tone, speak softly in conversation with a pleasant man and hard when necessary to defend your case or opinion.

(7)Select from the environment of multiple self-confident people, watch their behavior, speech, movements, try to memorize them. The first time feel like an actor, wearing a mask of a confident man, join in the image, even if inside you are all trembling from uncertainty. If you follow them, Soon, you get used to this way that it becomes a part of you, and you will gain confidence not only with external but also internally.

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How to Build Self Confidence.
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