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How To Make Her Parents LOVE YOU

How to make her parents love you. If things are serious with your girlfriend and you want to marry her than get ready to meet with her parents.

How To Make Her Parents LOVE YOU
How To Make Her Parents LOVE YOU

If you find yourself with a girlfriend and things are getting kind of serious you probably gonna have to meet parents somewhere down the line.

What are you gonna say?
How are you gonna act?
What can one man do to make her parents love you?

Stop, it's easier than it looks.

What they want to see in you

The number one concern that any parent has when someone is dating their daughter is that they want that person to be responsible.

They wanna see whether or not you somewhat have your life together and that you're not going to be a horrible influence on their child.

If you're in high school this could mean planning to go to college or if your college planning to get a job.

If they ask you what you do be real with that but play up the positives in your life, not the negatives.

Yes, I do flip burgers at McDonald's but I am a great people person which is why they have me working at the counter. 

See that face, that is not the face you want to have around them. 

Lots of times people act timid and shy around the parents because they're thinking, well if I don't do anything they won't hate me but that couldn't be farther from the truth because her parents will actually love you if you greet them with a smile and shake their hands every time you see them.

Something like that should be protocol and if it's not, make it your protocol.

These acts impress them

Make that effort when it comes to doing chores, cleaning up after dinner or even paying the bill when you go out to dinner with them.

Even if they don't let you pay just offering is gonna score you some major brownie points. Manners matter most might I add.

If you find yourself in a relationship where you guys don't share the same culture try your best understand hers.

There definitely will be occasions where you do something wrong or you just don't want to eat something that they cook. The key to fixing those situations is to always be gracious and to ask your girlfriend lots of questions. Let her tell you everything you're going to need to know before you go into any situation with her family.

Some things that might be second nature to her might not be second nature to you but at the end of the day if you do something wrong just apologize.

What not to do

It's a simple as that.  Maybe you love your girlfriend and you just wanna make out with her every second of the day.

Well you're going to have to put that on hold because it's very disrespectful to violate their little girl in front of them.

Now there's nothing wrong with a few kisses here and there but keep it civil, they're her parents not movie directors. And last but not least the most important way to get her parents to like you is to treat her right.

What you have to do

If you're good to your girl make her feel safe and cared for, she's going to go back to her parents and tell them all about that.

And the very best brownie points that you can get are from her. As always guys, love and peace. Hey, if you guys got any ideas for topics that you want me to write on just leave a comment below and let me know.  Leave me comments, give me something to work with. 

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How To Make Her Parents LOVE YOU
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