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21 Love SMS Messages For Husband To Make Him Crazy For You

21 Love sms and messages for your husband to make him crazy for you and your love. All wife can send this quote to their life partner.

Your husband is your life partner in our last post we showed how a husband can send lovely sms and messages to their wife that shows respect for her. Now it is time for all wife to send this lovely sms and messages that they can send to their husband and shows their love too for their husband.

The husband is the person that stands out to you in every stage of your life so it is your duty that you must show the same respect and love to your husband. He works hard for you and your family and after this hard work you can please him with this sms and messages that how much you admire him and love him.

This is a great way for all wife that shows their love for their husband. All wife should send this love sms and messages to their husband. 

These messages will put a fire of love in your husband's heart and will drive him crazy for you which may result into more stable and happy relationship. So do you not want to make your relationship healthy and happy.

If you really want to make your relation more happier and romantic than send this sms and messages to him and let him fall in love with you.

21 Best and top love sms and messages for husband

  • If a f8 man in red dress walks in2 ur bdroom 8 night and tie u and put u in his bag don’t get afraid. I have asked Santa for u on this Christmas.
  •  Don’t bother coming home early 2day Darling. Anyway, I wud b busy cooking ur favorite dinner.
  •  When I was cleaning the house 2day morning I found ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’ and ‘E’. The only thing missing was ‘U.’
  •  Hi H1y, please can u check ur briefcase once? I can’t happen 2 find my heart around.
  • Next time do make a wish when u see a falling star. ur dream will come true. I made a wish once and I got u.
  •  I thank the God everyday for making u mine. u are the bst thing tht has ever happened 2 me. 
  • If I close my eyes I am scared tht I might not see u again. tht much I love u my dear husband.
  •  I am feeling so happy, Do u know why? cause I am so lucky, Do u know how? cuz God loves me. Do u know how? cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know wh8? its u my love.
  • I chose 2 love u in silence, for in silence I find no rejection. I chose 2 love u in ur l1liness, for in ur l1liness no 1 owns u, bt me!
  • Let the dimples dig ur cheeks deep, Smiling lips look gre8 on u, Let d reason of ur happiness renew. & I bt life itself will hav a crush on u!
  • bauty doesn’t make love bt love makes bauty break everything bt never break the heart Heart is the music play it bt never play with it.
  • 2uch my heart & u'll feel, Listen 2 my heart & u'll hear, Look in2 my heart & u'll see, tht u'll always b a special part of me.
  • Roses of red grow in my heart and they will never wither... 'Cause they bloom every time I see ur smile, hear ur voice or just think of u.
  • Ask my eyes 2 s2p looking 8 u... Ask my brain 2 s2p thinking abt u.. Ask my imagin8ion 2 s2p dreaming abt u.. Ask my heart 2 s2p b8ing..ask me don't u ever s2p me frm loving u.
  • I’m not sure wh8 life cud bring. I’m not sure if dreams come true, I’m not sure wh8 love can do. bt am very sure abt 1 thing "I like u a a lot"
  • I love the way u make me happy, and the ways u show ur care. I love the way u say, 'I Love u,' and the way u're always there.

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21 Love SMS Messages For Husband To Make Him Crazy For You
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