Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Drinking Listerine Effects Love Kiss

Drinking Listerine effects love kiss and it also affects your body.use it for just cleaning and even you can not increase timing of your kiss after this.

Drinking Listerine

Drinking Listerine

Drinking listerine is not good for your health and for love kiss.because it has lot of menthol from medical purpose it is suitable for freshness of your mouth and to keep your mouth clean but do not dare to kiss your girlfriend after drinking listerine because you could not enjoy the sensation of kiss after drinking listerine.so avoid kiss after drinking listerine.apart from this take some time after cleaning from listerine.because if you smell bed from your mouth no girl would like to kiss you.

So use listerine for cleaning of your mouth and teeth and to keep your mouth germs free but drinking listerine and kissing will not benefit you.so here is a simple step that you can do after drinking listerine.

Drinking Listerine and Kiss strategy

Take half spoon of listerine.

Mix one spoon water in it .

Gargle it for half minute.

and now wait for 15 minutes to become your mouth smell normal .

Now do what you wish to.i mean kiss.

So drinking listerine and kissing is not good from timing purpose.

but it has some benefits too as your mouth will be germs free and smell good so chances are higher for a good kiss.if you want to know more about kiss visit the below links.

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Drinking Listerine Effects Love Kiss
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