43 Kiss (All Type Of Kiss)

Let's talk about kissing. Chances are, you and your partner already know plenty about the subject but we bet there are a few kisses that even you've never heard of. It's true. So we did some research and uncovered 43 fun kisses for you start experimenting with today.

43 kiss  all type of kiss

43 kiss  all type of kiss

Now of course it's not easy to work 43 new kisses into your daily routine. Instead, we suggest you plan your next date night around the art of kissing and try them all. You'll discover some likes (and probably a few dislikes) that you never knew existed. Plus, can you think of anything you'd rather spend the afternoon practicing? (don't answer that.)

To start, download the Kisses pdf in the Links section (over there to the right >>). Print it out, then cut out each of the kisses. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you can pick out the first 20 or 25 that strike your fancy and leave the other half for later. Fold each piece of paper in half and take turns drawing kisses. Be sure to follow the instructions but don't tell your date which kiss you picked. Ask them to close their eyes instead and start experimenting. At the end of this article, you'll also find tips for planning an entire date based around the art of kissing.

So grab a toothbrush, slap on some chapstick and get ready to experiment!

Types of Kisses

The Classic

You know how it goes: your eyes meet, your pulse quickens and before you know it your lips are locked together. The Classic Kiss is a great place to start but it's also a great place to revisit. Try it again and give your partner some feedback this time. Make sure you listen to what they have to say as well - the results may surprise you.

French Kiss

Lean in but don't stop with The Classic. Instead, open your mouth and allow your tongue to touch your partner's. Enjoy the sensation of your tongue moving against theirs but be careful not go too far. You want to get close but not too close, so pay attention to your partner's reaction and adjust accordingly.

Sniff Kiss

Popular in Asian nations where public kissing is frowned upon, the Sniff Kiss doesn't actually involve your lips. Lean into your date and put your nose near their cheek, ear or neck. Inhale their scent deeply.

Nip Kiss

Instead of kissing with your lips, lean in close and gently bite your date’s lower lip. Don't bite too hard (unless of course your date is a Twilight fan).

Eskimo Kiss

Press your faces together and gently rub your noses back and forth, up and down, or any which way you like. Chances are, you'll be warmed up in no time.

Butterfly Kiss

Batting your eyelashes may be the oldest trick in the book when it comes to flirting but did you know you can kiss with your eyes too? Lean in close and flutter your eyelids against your partner's cheek, neck, lips or nose.

Upside-Down Kiss (Spiderman Kiss)

If you saw Spiderman, this might sound a bit familiar but you don't have to be a superhero to give this kiss a try. Ask your partner to lie on their back or sit in a chair and lean their head back. Pucker up and press your lips to theirs from the opposite direction (i.e. your nose should be level with their chin and vice versa).

Flavored Kiss

Grab a piece of flavored candy and let it dissolve in your mouth leaving you with fresh strawberry, orange or grape flavored breath. Then, once your treat is all gone, give your date a French Kiss.

Mystery Kiss

Head to the local supermarket with your sweetheart and make your way to the candy aisle. Take turns selecting your favorite candies: toffee, root beer barrels, butterscotch or jelly beans but make sure to keep your selections a secret. When you get home, ask your partner to close his or her eyes while you take a bite of your first candy. Give them a kiss and see if they can guess the flavor. Take turns tantalizing each other's taste buds.

Sucking Kiss

While kissing with an open mouth, gently suck on your date's lower lip. For an extra thrill, pull back to give their lip a slight tug but be careful not to pull too hard.

Vacuum Kiss

Press your lips together and gently suck the air out of your partner's mouth. Who knew that vacuuming could be this much fun?

Fish Kiss

Suck your cheeks in to make a fishy face. Try to give your partner a peck before you burst out laughing. Remember: practice makes perfect. Keep trying until you succeed.

The Non-Kiss Kiss

Lean in close to your date until your mouths are just touching, then rub your lips against one another's without puckering up.

Lick Kiss

Instead of touching your partner's lips with your own, lean in and gently run your tongue over their lips. End with a light Classic Kiss.

Tease Kiss

Lean in until your lips graze your partner's but then pull back slightly. Repeat the process several times before finally planting one on them; we guarantee it's worth the wait.

Candy Kiss

Up the ante on your next French Kiss by passing a piece of hard candy or gum between your mouths. But warn your date if this is your first time exploring the Candy Kiss unless you're prepared to perform the Heimlich.

Ice Kiss

If you've mastered the Candy Kiss, try passing a small piece of ice between your mouths. You'll be worked up - and melting that ice - in no time.

Kiss on the Hand

Go old school with a classy kiss upon your partner's hand. Take their hand in yours, look deeply into their eyes and plant on one them. You can even change it up by kissing their palm instead.

Sliding Kiss

After exposing your partner's feet, ankles, legs, stomach, and neck, ask them to lie down. Gently kiss their foot then slide your lips up to their ankle, knee, thigh and stomach, gradually working your way up towards their neck. Make sure to slide your lips across their skin between kisses.


Suck gently but firmly on your partner's skin until it's turned red. You're going to leave a mark that will take a day or two to go away so make sure you pick an unobtrusive spot that can be easily covered up.

From Behind Kiss

Take hold of your date from behind and when they turn their head around, greet then with a kiss.

Slow Motion Kiss

Slow things down by kissing your date at half your usual speed. Relax and enjoy the moment.

Opposite Kiss

Studies have shown that nearly three quarters of us turns our heads to the right when we kiss. If you and your partner fall into this category, change it up and this time and tilt to the left.

Downward Kiss

Starting at your partner's ear, kiss them down along their jaw line to their neck or collarbone.

Tickle Kiss

Start by giving your partner a Classic Kiss but then tickle their ribs, stomach or underarms. See how long you can continue kissing while you're both laughing.

No Lips Kiss

Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch your tongues together without touching your lips.

Blow Kiss

Give your partner a big wet kiss on their neck, back, or shoulder. Lean your head back and blow gently across the area you've just kissed to give them a cooling sensation.

Woodpecker Kisses

Ask your partner close their eyes while you give them short, quick kisses all over their face. See if you can complete your mission before you burst out laughing.

Lady and the Tramp Kiss

Remember that strand of spaghetti? Well, now it's your turn. Try it with a piece of licorice, taffy or even fruit and nibble your way towards you partner until your lips meet.

Shocking Kiss

Shuffle around the carpet until you build up an electric charge, then lean in close to your partner allowing just your lips to touch for an instant spark.

High Low Kiss

Lean in and kiss your partner's upper lip, then pull your head back and kiss their lower lip.

Fingertips Kiss

Lightly hold your partner's wrist in your hand then kiss their fingertips one by one. Turn up the heat by gently sucking on their fingertips.

Kiss on the Cheek

Aim for light and sweet with a quick peck on your partner's cheek. And keep this one in your back pocket for those times with overt PDA's just aren't acceptable.

Kiss on the Neck

Hold your partner from behind and kiss them on the neck. If they have long hair, take a moment to slowly and lovingly brush their hair away from their skin first.

Frog Kiss

Get close, open your mouth and dart your tongue towards your partner's like a frog trying to catch a fly. After a few attempts, melt into a long French Kiss.

Wet Willy

Lightly kiss your partner's ear, then gently nibble or suck on their earlobe. For extra credit, try slipping the tip of your tongue into their earlobe or simply exhale. Most people don't like they way this feels, but you never know. If you hit the right spot, you can take your partner from to 0-60 in about two seconds flat.

Liqueur Kiss

Take a shot of your favorite liqueur (we recommend something sweet like Bailey's or amaretto) then, before you swallow, gently press your lips to your partner's and allow the liquid to pour slowly into their mouth. You should warn them before trying this one for the first time but once you've gotten the hang of it, you can try it with a nice merlot or a cool sip of Chardonnay.

Kiss on the Foot

If your partner has ticklish feet, avoid those areas but kiss them lightly on the tops of their feet, their ankle or even their toes. Once you're through, give them a little tickle.

Kiss on the Navel

Pull up your partner's shirt and gently kiss them on their navel. Use your tongue to explore their belly button and the surrounding areas.

Kiss on the Nose

Hug your partner close and give them a quick, soft kiss on the tip of their nose. You can try this on their forehead too, especially if you're a lot taller than your date. It may sound silly but in many cases you'll leave your partner feeling secure and protected.

No Peeking Kiss

Ask your partner to close their eyes. Start by lightly kissing their cheekbone, then their eyebrow, and finally their eyelids. Be sure to be gentle.

Fireworks Kiss

You'll need a bag of Pop Rocks for this one. Place a small handful in your mouth and lean into your date for an explosive French Kiss.

Switch Kiss

It's time for a little role reversal: kiss your partner the way they usually kiss you. If you're the shorter one in your relationship, try standing on a chair to emulate your partner's style. Kiss whichever lip they generally kiss, initiate a French Kiss if you're usually the one to receive and hold them they way they hold you. Encourage them to do the same - this can be a real eye-opener!

In order to make the most of your kiss-fest, you need to set the right mood. We recommend a fireplace if you have one (or a few candles if you don't), a bottle of wine and some soft music. You can also keep it casual by simply lying down on a blanket with your partner and drawing a new kiss every few minutes while you enjoy your time together. Do what feels right for your relationship, whether it's romantic or casual, and remember to communicate.

When you're all done, ask your date which kisses they enjoyed the most. They might have a few ideas beyond the 43 we listed here and if that's the case, let them know you're open to further exploration. Happy kissing! 

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