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Top 10 Romantic love letter  ever by legends

Romantic Love Letter from Beethoven to the Immortal Beloved

Beethoven, one of the greatest musicians was ever born, is the reflection was true inspiration. During his early days, he worked as a musician at Bonn court orchestra. Within few years, he moved to Vienna to learn music from Mozart. Later, after his mother’s death he started taking musical lessons from Haydn, Albrechtsberger, Schenck and Salieri. Soon he earned a lot of fame, which took him to places for public performances. In 1798, he realized he was suffering from hearing disorder. By 1820, he became completely deaf and succumbed into writing "conversation notebooks".

Evening, Monday, July 6

You are suffering, my dearest creature - only now have I learned that letters must be posted very early in the morning on Mondays to Thursdays - the only days on which the mail-coach goes from here to K. - You are suffering - Ah, wherever I am, there you are also - I will arrange it with you and me that I can live with you. What a life!!! thus!!! without you - pursued by the goodness of mankind hither and thither - which I as little want to deserve as I deserve it - Humility of man towards man - it pains me - and when I consider myself in relation to the universe, what am I and what is He - whom we call the greatest - and yet - herein lies the divine in man - I weep when I reflect that you will probably not receive the first report from me until Saturday - Much as you love me - I love you more - But do not ever conceal yourself from me - good night - As I am taking the baths I must go to bed - Oh God - so near! so far! Is not our love truly a heavenly structure, and also as firm as the vault of heaven?

Romantic Love Letter by Lewis Carroll to May Mileham

“7 Lushington Road, Eastbourne

Dearest May,

Thank you very much indeed for the peaches. They were delicious. Eating one was almost as nice as kissing you; Of course not quite; I think, if I had to give the exact measurement, I should say three – quarters as nice; We are having such a lovely time here; and the sands are beautiful. I only wish I could some day come across you, washing your pocket -handkerchief in a pool among the rocks? But I wander on the beach, and look for you, in vain; and then I say, Where is May? And the stupid boatmen reply, It isn’t May, sir? It’s September?’ But it doesn’t comfort me.
Always your Loving C.L.D."

Romantic Love Letter by Lord Byron to Annabella Milbanke

Lord Byron began courtship with Anne Isabella Milbanke, whom he married later on. After some initial refusals, Milbanke finally decided to marry Byron. Soon enough she was ill treated by the great poet that followed into a separation. They had a private wedding ceremony at Seaham Hall in County Durham on January 2, 1815. Byron after their wedding went into severe financial crisis and started growing more and more upset day by day.

“November 16, 1814

My Heart -

We are thus far separated - but after all one mile is as bad as a thousand, - which is a great consolation to one who must travel six hundred before he meets you again. If it will give you any satisfaction - I am as comfortless as a pilgrim with peas in his shoes - and as cold as Charity - Chastity or any other Virtue.”

Famous Love Letter by Victor Hugo to Adele Foucher

Victor Hugo fell in love with Adele Foucher, during his early teen age. There was not much support from his family, especially from his mother. After his mother’s death, he married Foucher. They were deeply in love and raised 5 children.

“My dearest,

When two souls, which have sought each other for, however long in the throng, have finally found each other ...a union, fiery and pure as they themselves are... begins on earth and continues forever in heaven.

This union is love, true love... a religion, which deifies the loved one, whose life comes from devotion and passion, and for which the greatest sacrifices are the sweetest delights.

This is the love, which you inspire in me... Your soul is made to love with the purity and passion of angels; but perhaps it can only love another angel, in which case I must tremble with apprehension.

Yours forever,

Victor Hugo (1821)”

Famous Love Letter by James Joyce to Nora Barnacle

James Joyce was romantically involved with Nora Barnacle, whom he finally married. Time and again many of his writings suggest that Nora was his biggest inspiration and closest companion. They began their courtship soon after they met, and finally got married in 1931. Although there was a lot of differences in them, yet they stayed together. In some of her writings, Nora has tagged Joyce as a weak man.

“15 August, 1904

My dear Nora,

It has just struck me. I came in at half past eleven. Since then I have been sitting in an easy chair like a fool. I could do nothing. I hear nothing but your voice. I am like a fool hearing you call me 'Dear.' I offended two men today by leaving them coolly. I wanted to hear your voice, not theirs.

When I am with you, I leave aside my contemptuous, suspicious nature. I wish I felt your head on my shoulder. I think I will go to bed.

I have been a half-hour writing this thing. Will you write something to me? I hope you will. How am I to sign myself? I won't sign anything at all, because I don't know what to sign myself.”

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